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NPOAEG VS LCT: The AK12 Format

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Welcome back all.

We apologize for taking so long to continue our posts on the NPOAEG AK12 comparisons. Internally, the A15 was a true prototype with many flawed components. Much had to be done to get their vision of the AK12 prototype to work. Still a V3 gearbox, the fire selection was held together by the receiver and the gearbox so we can confirm, upgrades and maintenance are a painful mess to deal with. The A16 and A16N (AK12 and RPK16) also use a V3 gearbox but share components and assembly as seen in LCT and CYMA AK platforms. The newer models are much better to upgrade.

LCT, Arcturus, E&L and even Specna Arms are going to give the AK12 a try. In this post, you'll have an opportunity to see some key differences in the LCT AK12 NPOAEG AK12(A16) and the NPOAEG AK15(16N). To begin, the real steel versions of the AK12 and AK15 are exactly the same in appearance. The only difference is caliber and magazine style. The NPOAEG A16N is still marked as an AK15 because it does not have a different magazine or rate of fire from the A16(AK12). NPOAEG is also currently being stopped from manufacturing these models, so the aegs currently in stock are the last remaining available AEGS in the United States. (In new condition of course, there are a few sellers trying to sell their used models)


The Hand Guards

LCT AK12: The polymer handguard is more refined, has slots that go through the entire piece with visible gas tube, and has additional picatinny rails on the left and right side that are screwed on by allen key. Exact measurements: Length: 158 mm Height: 71.17mm Width: 52.85mm (in terms of polymer handguard end-to-end)

NPOAEG A16: The polymer handguard is more rugged and hasn't been completely finished in terms of sanding and finish. The slots do not pierce the handguard and do not have the side rails. Instead, there are 2 holes on each side with a rectangular indent in between. It may be possible to add side rails with some modifications. Exact measurements: Length: 155mm Height: 70mm Width: 41.61mm (in terms of polymer handguard end-to-end)

NPOAEG A16N: Officially that of the real steel RPK 16, This one piece handguard has more rail space, and is held together by the two rectangular protrustions that cross over to the receiver and an allen screw on the right side of the handguard. Careful, if those two pieces break off, all stability is immediately lost. We are working on a fix for this issue that has been overlooked by NPOAEG. Besides the handguard, the only other differences between A16 and A16N include barrel threading. The A16N has only one thread pattern(14 +) while the A16 has two sets(14+ and 23+) Exact measurements: Length: 224mm Height: 75mm Width: 39.5mm


The Dust Covers

LCT (first photo: Bottom, second photo: right) : NPOAEG (first photo: top, second photo: left)

There are many aesthetic differences in terms of dust cover design, rear sight placement, charging bolt handle measurements These can best be observed side to side. Both variants work in similar fashion, with slight variance in their latches.

LCT AK12: Dust cover is riveted and has a dull sheen. Aperture sights are visibly different. The LCT has a lower profile, smaller ring, and has contrast painted markings

NPOAEG AK12: Dust cover and rails attached by Allen screws. Larger aperture sight with larger ring. Attaches to receiver by Hook and latch in the location of the previous era's sight block.


The Stocks

LCT (right) : NPOAEG (Left)

Both are extremely similar and have extension and folding capabilities. Unfortunately the LCT that we were able to examine was a lemon so it could not fold all the way. Both work in the same manner. On the left side of both receivers, a button must be depressed to be able to fold the stock. There is also a secondary button that must be depressed on the inside for stock to lock in place and vice versa. The lever inside the stock's opening can be released to choose from 6 positions for extension. Again, the polymer is more finished on the LCT compared to the NPOAEG and its more rustic finish.



LCT (Left) : NPOAEG (Right)

Unfortunately, The LCT has no threaded barrel at all. The flash hider is a proprietary QD lug attachment so we cannot get that customized. Its very unfortunate for those wanting to use tracers or to use that muzzle device on their own AK platform however this is a detail of the RS counterpart. The NPOAEG has two threads on its barrel. One for 14mm threaded devices, and 23mm for common AK threaded devices. The A16N on the other hand, is only fitted with 14mm threading. Odd decisions from both LCT and NPOAEG.


Got this far? If you are still interested in other things that we haven't mentioned yet, let us know and we will provide!

LCT will be releasing their version of the RPK 16 very soon! We will include those models on our website! Mention this post to our customer service team, and get a discount on your pre-order!

All of April, use code "1year" to get an additional 10% off NPOAEG purchases!


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