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How Does The Current Russia/Ukraine Crisis Affect Airsoft?

As you all may already know, Russia has been amassing troops on the borders of Ukraine and in the annexed Crimea. It seems that 2022 will be a rough start for all. UN officials and security analysts are considering early 2022 to be the start of Russia's descent into Ukraine. There is little that can be done by the UN and the US. It has been made clear by Russian leaders that any attempt to send UN or US troops to the Ukrainian border would be considered an act of war.

The US has already tried many economic sanctions on Russia in an attempt to curtail their ongoing activities. The most recent being the ammo ban which inadvertently caused Taginn products to become unobtanium. The airsoft ammunition has become much more expensive and hard to find because of this.

In the evening hours of the November 7th 2021, the US mentioned even more "serious economic consequences that would weaken the Russian ruble and crucially cut off western investment in Russia"

Here's what to expect; NPOAEG will most likely continue production, but they will be severely tied down by even more materials shortage. Re-purposed magazines will probably be pushed back to the spring, SR2M production will be delayed once again.

Rush B Airsoft will ensure they continue arriving stateside safely, thank you for your patience.

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