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Hephaestus GROZA 2:Electric Boogaloo

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Hello everyone!

Thanks to our good friend CommieBear,

We have the opportunity to deliver a well loved Hephaestus GROZA 2014 edition to a new home!

Photos will arrive on this blog post soon, and we will most likely start the price at $1,900.

as you all know, others are selling their units in less than desired conditions for more, so we will try to ensure the price starts off at below current resale value.

If you have any questions, please let us know and we will be sure to answer them to the fullest extent!


Photos added 4/13/2023

Start Price: $1,800.00 USD

Auction end date: 4/21/2023 11:59 PM EST

No deposit or sign up required to bid, winning bidder kept up to date with counter offers, highest bid at auction end will have 24 hours to remit payment. Failure to pay within specified time frame will result in forfeiture of right to purchase, and falls to the next highest bidder.

Payments accepted via Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, Square, Zettle, and Zelle.

Please note, Venmo,Paypal,Zettle,Square, Cashapp have new policies that fees will not be refunded in all future returns. Keep in mind that the responsibility for return shipping is born upon the customer unless physical defect determined to be caused by Rush B Airsoft and its affiliates.

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1 Comment

MAMA Studios
MAMA Studios
Apr 07, 2023

RushB always coming in clutch!

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