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NPO/Valdai Seizures 6/29/23

Hello everyone!

We have many orders from our favorite friends that have been seized by customs for completely incorrect reasons.

We are doing our best to fight/petition them with the correct legal codes found in the USC and IRC to prove that our products are completely legal and okay to import.

Much of these issues seem to be poltical rather than legal. So we hope to get these issues situated as soon as possible. For the current time and until further notice, there will not be any more ETA's for certain products that made us who we are. We will not back down, we will not stay down. We will continue working hard as the underdogs of the industry to ensure OPFOR is always taken care of.

NPO has been halted until further notice,

Valdai has been halted until further notice,

Fort has been halted until further notice,

And please, if you try to buy directly from friends overseas (they are good and honor their word) try your best to avoid RU POST! DHL no longer works because they can get in trouble when products are declared. Keep them safe, they are not part of the current situation and do not support it either.

In other news, July 4th weekend is coming soon!

Enjoy the largest discount on LCT from 6/30 12:00 AM EST to July 5th 12:00 AM EST

Using code "Fourth"

Thank you for reading, thank you for your support!

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Jul 06, 2023

I should have ordered an NPO while I had the chance months ago.

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