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Warq Helmet


The protective helmet WARQ guarantees a total absence of fog, it also offers maximum comfort and a wide field of vision. The ballistic and mechanical resistance of the helmet meets the American standard(ANSI Z87.1). It allows complete protection of the head, against all types of impacts and falls. The Picatinny rail and NVG attachment ensure compatibility with a wide range of accessories. Designed to be lightweight, the helmet has also been designed to adapt perfectly to your body shape. A retention kit ensures unmatched comfort, even after several hours of intense play. High-quality foams, supplied with the helmet, also allow you to adjust to the shape of your head. The helmet is available in 4 colors: black, tan, green, and gray. Please note that the all helmets come with transparent screen. Black or orange lenses must be purchased separately.

  • Meticulously made in Belgium

    Warq Helmets are a one size fits all style. The retention system allows you to adjust the tightness to increase or decrease space available. Furthermore, pads are included with every purchase to adjust fitment. Stainless steel mesh mask provides high impact face protection. 

    Customization is available with different screens in black, orange, and transparent. Please contact us for options available

$195.00 Regular Price
$177.00Sale Price