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Almost a decade in the making, the AK-12 will be Russia's main rifle of choice beginning in 2019. Production for the AK-12 began in 2010 and required many trials before finally being adopted by the Russian army.

The rifle features a monolothic rail on top from the dust cover to the end of the handrail, rear sights located in the rear side of the gun ontop of the dust cover, open front end sight, and foldable/retractible stock. 

  • Meticulously made in Russia

    • Full steel construction
    • Polymer 6 inch handguard with rails on top and bottom
    • Adjustable polymer stock
    • Version 3 gearbox with aluminum hop-up unit 
    • 14 mm CW AND 23 mm CW threads
      measurement/mode Extended Folded
      Length 34In(86.5cm) 26In(66cm)
      Width 1.5In(4cm) 1.5In(4cm)
      Height 8.5In(22cm) 8.5In(22cm)<