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Hephaestus "GROZA" HTS-14 2017

Hephaestus "GROZA" HTS-14 2017


One of the rarest items on the market, the Hephaestus HTS-14 uses GHK receiver and internals, along with their own proprietary adjustments, to create the infamous GROZA. This platform is operated by green gas and comes with the standard 30 round gas magazine for the 74SU(style 5.45).

The last Hephaestus we will probably have, this model has been kept in immaculate condition, and will come with full box, suppressor, sight rail, and 2 HTS magazines and 1 additional officer magazine by Hephaestus


    The HTS-14 Airsoft GBBR was manufactured in 2013 by Hephaestus and is in excellent condition. Due to the age and rarity of this item, Rush B Airsoft will not be able to accept refunds once the item has been shipped to the customer. The rifle is well lubricated, and all parts have been verified to have little to no wear and tear.

    Please note: Credit card fees/service fees are no longer being refunded by most payment processors. If a refund is requested before Rush B Airsoft has shipped out the item, your order will be refunded, with the exception of fees charged by the payment processor.

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